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Stories from the Life of Muhammad

صلى اللہ عليه وسلم
Dr. Tahira Arshed
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Product Description

This book; Stories from the Life of Muhammad صلى اللہ عليه وسلم is a beautifully illustrated book for children. It chronicles the life of the Prophet Muhammad صلى اللہ عليه وسلم in a modern way with hand-painted watercolor illustrations featuring easy language and well-researched content.


The book compiles most of his journey from birth till the last day of his life. One of the stories in the book; The Black Stone has also won a prestigious international award. Crown Prince His Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Mohamed Al Qasimi awarded this book the Best International Children's Book award in recognition of the publishing efforts.


It's an important book for children and for adults as well. There's so much to be learned, and it's so easily and excitingly narrated for the 21st century reader.

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