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We are almost as old as Pakistan itself and we publish books that take you places!

Founded in 1954, about seven years after the country's independence, Maqbool Books is Pakistan's first and only internationally award-winning children's books publishing house having a Royal and a Presidential recognition for its work.

Maqbool Academy was established by Mr. Malik Maqbool Ahmed with the publication of a magazine dedicated to the promotion of the Urdu language in Pakistan. In 1958, the magazine was recognized as a significant attempt by the Governor of the Punjab [then West Pakistan] towards fostering the language.

Soon we diversified into publication of books which included general fiction, journalistic endeavors and novels by some of the most acclaimed authors of the Subcontinent.

In 1968, we received appreciation from the Commander-in-Chief of the Pakistan Army for our praise-worthy book detailing the battle of Chawinda taking place during the '65 war between Pakistan and India.

During the mid eighties around 1986 we pioneered the import and supply of quality Medical, Engineering and other University reference books into Pakistan. Even today Dr. Arshed Maqbool is commended for his services to the country specifically in relation to his passionate development of the Medical literature sector in Pakistan throughout the last quarter of the Twentieth Century.

Gradually, at the same time we pioneered into the children's books sector and founded Maqbool Books -dedicated to providing literature, entertainment and education to children.

We've published many books in the past few decades which have found their way into the bookshelves of the next generation of children in Pakistan and abroad. Our books have been loved by kids -and their parents throughout the world.

In 2012, we received the Best International Children's Books Publisher award from His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, the Ruler of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates for our collection of Prophet Stories. This has been recognized as the first ever International Award for a Pakistani Publisher.

In 2014, we were awarded the Shield of Excellence by His Excellency the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in recognition of our innovative efforts across the industry and achievement of international success.

A few years later in 2016 we received another award from the Royal family of Sharjah, this time presented by the Crown Prince of the Arab State; His Highness Shiekh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, for our book; The Black Stone, a story out of the Seerah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

We continue to provide people with intellectual nourishment in contemporary ways for the current time, and we hope that the children of this generation will insha'Allah love our books just as their parents did when they were kids once.

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